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Richard, JCoSS

Wolf Hollow

'Wolf Hollow' by Lauren Wolk was the first book which caught my eye during our first selection out of the options of books to read, the blurb alone captured my interest and after finishing this book, I can understand why the Guardian described this book simply as 'extraordinary.' It was a perfect blend of pain and kindness, mixed with anger and hope. For the sake of concealing the storyline, I won't specify any - however there were a few plotholes within the story which greatly frustrated me, however the majority of these would only bother those who cared enough to analyse them, or look further into them at all. I particularly enjoyed how they made the namesake of the book more of a key background feature than a key section of the tale, as if it is a perfectly normal (although absolutely fantastic) book set in a mysterious location where all kinds of trouble occur. I would definitely read this again, now that I understand some things better, I may be able to look forward to some things instead of being left in suspense to find out what exactly these 'things' are, but either option is good enough for me.

Posted on: 2nd May 2017 at 04:20 am

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