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Plub, Regent's Readers

The Bone Sparrow

"The Bone Sparrow" is a novel written by Zana Fraillow. A modern tragedy is what the book is all about, a prison on Earth. The story is said to be set in Australia with the protagonist, a boy called "Subhi", who was born inside a detention centre and lived there for his entire life. Throughout the story, he is a boy who likes to both keep and explore memories through stories from his mother. But when his mother is too tired of doing anything, she stops and Subhi has to get stories from a girl from the Outside, who is called "Jimmie". Jimmie makes Subhi acknowledge the world outside the guarding fences of the camp, reflecting on how different the camp is to what we are living now.
"The Bone Sparrow" contains morals, tragedy, comedy and reality at the same time. It is based on true stories told by people through people, and now it comes to us. For us to decide whether we want to help them or not. "The Bone Sparrow" will make you weep for everything Subhi has lost and the determination of him to get something else.

Posted on: 2nd May 2017 at 07:33 am

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