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Madeleine, St Helen and St Katharine

Salt to the Sea

Salt to the sea is about four young people, living during the Second World War. They meet in different ways and write their own chapters. I liked the way it was written because you would find out about something from one person’s point of view, and again from another. This means you understand more about the relationships of the people, and their feelings towards each other.
My favourite character was Joana, because she was calm, sensible and kind – hearted. I liked how she felt guilty if she couldn’t help people, which showed she cared. She was convincing because she developed throughout the book and she always acted as you thought she should. I could really understand her as her thoughts really came through in the story.
My least favourite character was Alfred, because he was selfish and full of himself. He was always talking about himself in his mental letters to a girl, and he kept saying she loved him. He is very arrogant and thinks he deserves a medal for cleaning a ship! He was so annoying and I couldn’t wait for his chapters to be over.
Overall I really enjoyed the book. It was well written, exciting and emotional. I cried at the end, but I actually enjoyed the ending. It left me satisfied until the very last chapter, when I just got totally confused. If the last chapter had been explained better, I would have given this full marks. But as the author seemed to have tried to tie up loose ends at the end, and it seemed like it was rushed, I can’t. I therefore give it a 9/10, because I thoroughly enjoyed it otherwise, even if it was very sad.

Posted on: 2nd May 2017 at 08:43 am

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