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Sophie, St Helen and St Katharine

Wolf Hollow

This is the best book I have ever read!
It is mainly about a nine year old girl called Annabelle who lives in Wolf hollow. she lives a normal life until Betty, a tormenting girl arrives at her school to make her life a misery. But when Betty starts to do some serious damage to Annabelle’s friends and family, all the suspicion falls on to the gentle wanderer, Toby. And then Betty goes missing…
Toby is a kind and sheltered man who lives a peaceful life in the forests of Wolf Hollow. Since coming back from the war he now has hundreds of scars on his hand and always carrying three broken guns on his back. He is a loyal man who has never harmed anyone and would do anything to keep people like Annabelle, one of the few people he talks to, out of danger and happy.
When he stands up for Annabelle in front of Betty, she blames it all on him. Everything is getting very serious and could soon become a matter of life and death…
I found this book absolutely totally amazing and I would recommend it to absolutely anyone who reads. I can’t fault it and I read it non-stop until I had finished it!!! I love it!!!
My Rating: 6/5 Stars 😉

Posted on: 2nd May 2017 at 08:45 am

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