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Sophie, Chobham Academy Book Group


Imagine a new world: a world of Motorik’s, the robots with a conscience; a world of over 900 different networks, all connected by the system of “k-gate’s” and headsets which enables you to do anything with the slightest thought, with these you had the world at the end of your fingertips. This is our world in the future.
Railhead was written Philip Reeve and is about the criminal mastermind, Raven, and his most recent recruit: Zen Starling. Zen is just a common street thief with a mad mother who is constantly trying to run away from these people she believes are after her and his sister, Myka, before the world’s most famous thief comes to him for help. He has one mission to do: steal the Pyxis, a seemingly solid block of wood that is priceless. But is it more than it seems…
Nova, who is Zen’s personal Motorik, is an intriguing and confident character who I liked the best. She is a robot with a unique personality, who was meant to be destroyed in a riot years before and gives herself freckles to look more natural. She is a very helpful character and obviously got close to Zen’s heart as he decides to go back into space to look for her, a destroyed mechanic mess with almost no possibility of being fixed when she is about to be picked up by the rubbish sweepers.
This is a very good book and I found most of it enthralling and hooking so I couldn’t put it down but I felt it took too long for this to happen and that I was forcing myself to read it for the first two thirds. I loved the way the trains and Motorik’s were described.
My Rating: 4/5 Stars

Posted on: 2nd May 2017 at 08:48 am

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