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Eryn, Chobham Academy Book Group

The Smell of Other People's Houses

The Smell Of Other People's Houses: a questionable title, but, in my opinion, a brilliant book. It is based in Alaska, in the 1970s, shortly after Alaska became part of the USA. Like Salt To The Sea, it follows the story of 4 young people from a small town called Fairbanks. Ruth lives with her strict Catholic gram and her smaller sister Lily after her father died in a plane crash and her mother couldn't look after them any more. Dora, whose father is in prison, lives with her friend Dumpling and her family. Alyce lives in a richer part of Fairbanks, loves ballet and doesn't like to go fishing with her dad. And Hank, an 18-year-old runaway trying to protect his two younger brothers.

The Smell Of Other People's Houses is a gripping and exciting book. It uses dramatic irony, making all the character's paths intertwine until they are all lead together at the end. My favourite character was definitely Ruth, though the author creates amazing, unique and completely unforgettable characters who stick with you throughout the book, and you are relieved to see happy at the end.

Posted on: 2nd May 2017 at 01:14 pm

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