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Heidi, St Augustines Catholic College

Salt to the Sea

This book was really interesting and really helped me to understand the differences in culture.
A group of teenage refugees meet on the road in the chaotic countryside of East Prussia in winter 1945. The Nazi's are all around them and surrounding their every move. Their story is told through the ­voices of Joana, a pretty Lithuanian nurse; Florian, a Prussian with a mysterious letter of passage from a Nazi officer; and Emilia, a Polish girl in a pink knit cap.
I really like this book although at first I found it really hard to start reading because I found the story line quite boring. But after the book started becoming more interesting and amusing I found it a really quick read.
There are some parts in the story which made me feel very emotional like the mother trying to save her baby.
I would totally rate this book and recommend it to all teenagers. It was a very eye opening read.

Posted on: 27th March 2017 at 02:09 pm

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