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Daniel (Y7), Colyton Grammar School


Zen Starling, once a petty thief stealing to support his family has become tangled in a world far from normal. With his Motorik partner Nova, Zen is tasked by Raven to steal a seemingly boring box. But is it all as it seems?
Railhead has a great plot which can be unexpected at times. The adventure and, indeed, the whole galaxy that Philip Reeve has created is amazing. I love the idea of K-Gates taking you anywhere in the galaxy and that there is a Datasea. It really reeled me in and I was addicted to reading it. The author manages to tie up all the ends he could but the world of Railhead remains a mysterious (in a great way) world. The plot made me see technology in a new light; now I think about how much it could evolve. As I have said, Railhead really made me read on, it was so exciting! I felt quite emotionally involved when Zen saved Nova in the space around the Spindlebridge. Overall, one of the best plots ever!
The characters in Railhead are very well thought-out​ and complex people (I am including Hive Monks and Motorik and Guardians​ and trains as people). Zen, the main character, lives by his instincts and his wits while Raven tends to plan everything out before he acts. You really get to know the main characters like Zen, Nova and even Flex. My favourite character was either the Damask Rose, Zen, Flex or Nova. The characters are quite life-like too and act the way I'd expect in this galaxy. I got particularly attached to Flex and was devastated when ————————. This was because I felt sorry for him/her when he/she was attacked during the anti-Moto rebellions. Some of the best characters ever!!!! :-D
Railhead is very well-written and the writing style is SO great. I love sci-fi books!!! The language is pretty much never hard to understand and there is a helpful glossary at the back for information on terms 'Ambersai',the 'Bandarpet', 'Beetle', 'Chiba', 'Corporate Families'...
There is also the perfect balance between dialogue and narrative. Philip Reeve manages to use amazing descriptions whilst still making the plot woven into it. All of the descriptions are incredibly interesting and are so sci-fi!!! 😁 The atmosphere, setting, characters and action is very well-conveyed through the descriptive adjectives and nouns and it almost feels as if I was there. Very well-written indeed.
Railhead is one of the best books EVER! I loved it and can't wait to read the sequel, Black Light Express. It looks great. The whole galaxy of Railhead is very well set-out and very detailed. I believe it is aimed at 11-15 but some younger and many older people could read it. I will recommend this book to many others including my brother. 🚝👨 = 👍📖
MARK OUT OF 10: 11.5

Posted on: 2nd May 2017 at 05:27 pm

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