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Diana, CoLA Chatterbooks

Wolf Hollow

Rate: 3/5
In my opinion, I believe that this book is very exciting with a lot of adventures of a girl who meets a guy and they become friends and well more things happen. I really felt that reading this book all the characters had to go through a lot of things, adding to the thing they had to go through made this book quite sad, for example, two of the characters died. But even though this book was fun and had a good title which I found very exciting. But it did have some bad things about It. For example, the book was very predictable and I felt that not a lot of things happened in the story. One thing that I hate the most about the book is that it wasn't very original and that the author didn't really make up a new story just took ideas from other stories.
Overall I believe that this book wasn't what I expected and a bit too mainstream.

Posted on: 2nd May 2017 at 07:38 pm

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