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Meera, King Edward VI Grammar School


Philip Reeve presents to us a remarkably credible, futuristic world in 'Railhead', where we follow our protagonist, Zen Starling, on what may be the most thrilling, adrenaline-fuelled adventure of his life. Though Zen is first introduced as a petty thief, we soon discover that there may be more to this seemingly average teenager than meets the eye - he is actually descended from a powerful bloodline, and is fortunate enough to be given a fleeting opportunity to be reunited with them. Of course, life's never all that simple, and between beginning to care strongly about a robotic girl and deliberating his newfound conscience, Zen goes through quite the roller coaster of emotions in this page turner of a book.
What is most interesting are the parallels between this dystopian universe and the one we live in today - with a similar social hierarchy, and only small advancements in technology, this book brings about the question of whether life will be much different in a few centuries time after all. By allowing us to experience the butterfly effects the actions of one young rebel in a distant future, Philip Reeve has constructed the perfect imaginary universe for daydreams and set the bar high for modern sci-fi stories. 'Railhead' is well worth a read, especially for anybody who enjoys an addictive, action-packed sci-fi book.

Posted on: 2nd May 2017 at 08:58 pm

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