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Ellie, Chobham Academy Book Group

The Bone Sparrow

My first impression was that it would not really be the book for me, as I thought it would be quite depressing, but as I got into it, I found it was actually very good, and portrayed the life of a refugee in an interesting way.

The Bone Sparrow is all about a boy called Subhi who lives in a detention centre. He is a Rohingyan boy, living there with his sick Mum and sister Queenie. He has a best friend called Eli, who he gets up to all sorts of mischief with, including a dangerous parcel delivery service. As he starts to get even lonelier, he meets Jimmie, a girl from the 'outside'. Together they have feasts of hot chocolate and read from her mother's storybook. Soon after their first meeting, things start to go horribly wrong.

I would recommend this book for year 7 and above, as it can be quite upsetting at times. All in all, it is an easy enough read, though the metaphoric phrases can be quite confusing. It is a great book that really helps you understand what life is like for the people trying to survive as refugees.

Posted on: 27th March 2017 at 03:50 pm

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