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Peony, St Helen and St Katharine

Wolf Hollow

Wolf Hollow is about a girl called Annabelle and her family living in a rural part of Pennsylvania, Wolf Hollow, during the Second World War. Their lives are changed though, as a Betty, a mean girl moves into the area to live with her grandparents. When something terrible happens to her, the whole place is worried and tense, and people start to blame what happened to Betty on a kind, ex-war veteran, Toby. Annabelle, however, is sure that everyone is wrong and so sets out to prove her friend Toby, is innocent...
I thought that the plot for this book was original and differently written to quite a few books. I thought that the setting suited the plot and I liked how there was a bit of history to the setting too, for example, when the author describes the history of the wolf pits and what they were used for. However, I thought that Annabelle's personality wasn't very well described and I think that the author could have made the book much better by describing what the characters looked like more because the only person who the reader really knew what they looked like was Toby. I also thought that Betty was quite an unrealistic character because she was supposed to be so bad, yet she had no known reason to tell the biggest lies and be so unlikeable. Maybe the author, Lauren Wolk, could have given the reader reasons why Betty Glengarry was so evil. I also thought that the title to the book could have been better, because it didn't really show what the story was about.
Overall, I thought that the book was great, although I preferred The Smell Of Other People's Houses because it was really gripping, as opposed to Wolf Hollow, which took me a while to read.

Posted on: 3rd May 2017 at 09:38 am

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