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Kitty, Sir William Borlase's Grammar School


Beck is an emotional book, and manages to be simultaneously sad, heartwarming and, at times, very creepy. It follows the rough life of an orphan named Beck, throughout the different stages of his childhood. I found that the author - Mal Peet -was good at showing the trauma that the boy went through and how he reacted to each situation.I also like the way Peet showed Beck's character development throughout the book, and it is clear how he grows and changes during his childhood.

Overall, I enjoyed the book, but i did find the ending a little underwhelming and i think it could have ended differently. I think Beck could have followed the path to finding the people who had looked after him for over a year, rather than staying in a peculiar, and not entirely happy relationship.

Posted on: 3rd May 2017 at 09:53 am

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