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Mrs Harris, Kingdown Karnegie


This harrowing but ultimately uplifting story tells the story of Beck, a mixed race orphan, growing up in a poor but happy household in Liverpool until his mother and grandparents die and he is sent to live with the Sisters of Mercy (who, in his words, are neither sisters or merciful!). He is then shipped to Canada to live in a religious institution until he is abused by one of the priests who he attacks. He is sent to work on a filthy farm under slave-like conditions. After enduring abuse and many hardships he escapes but becomes mistrustful, living off his wiles. We will him to find friendship, love and have some good luck and this story, eventually, allows a feeling of hope as he meets Grace, comes of age emotionally, and opens up to people. The book depicts great pain but, ultimately, has an uplifting conclusion.

Posted on: 3rd May 2017 at 10:19 am

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