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Sam, Ermysted's

The Bone Sparrow

A very thought-provoking book, that, although some people might not enjoy it, it would be hard for nearly anyone to deny it did not, at a bare minimum, affect you. The refugee camp seemed so punishing, even though it could be viewed as a 'safe haven' by some, and that sets a dark tone for the rest of the book. Even so, Subhi's admirable perseverance and his reluctance to give in is so impressive, though, that it isn't terribly hard to look past the doom and gloom, and see a dim light, signifying hope.

In terms of the criticisms I have of this book- which are few- the one major one I have is that I do sort of wish that there was more of a satisfying ending: the one present, whilst 'nice', seems relatively rushed, and it would be better if a more 'juicy' ending could be fitted in. Other than a few other nit-picks that I do not care to mention, mainly because I have a sort of positive bias concerning the book, and I would not like to convey that 'The Bone Sparrow' is fundamentally, a book with many minor problems.

Posted on: 3rd May 2017 at 10:22 am

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