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Gaby, Holsworthy Community College

The Bone Sparrow

A book of hardship, love, despair and hope is hard to find but The Bone Sparrow has captured the truth of life in one book.
Zan Fraillon captured the life of refugees and not only made everyone aware of the hardships but she made everyone feel with the characters. You follow the characters through a roller-coaster of emotions and never once do you stop feeling something, whether it is hope or sadness it is always there.
Many people say they cried while reading this book but if a book does that it means that it is that brilliant that you see, hear and feel the characters as if they were real.
The bone sparrow necklace connects everyone in the story. The bone sparrow provides hope when the world seems dim and it creates a bond between two people which will never be broken.
Every fence has a weakness and that weakness is the start of an unbreakable bond!

Posted on: 3rd May 2017 at 10:44 am

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