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Gabrielle, Loreto College

Salt to the Sea

This book is the story of four young people: a Lithuanian girl, a Prussian boy, Polish girl and German boy.
The book tells of their struggles during WW11 and how each is travelling to Gotenhafen to board the Wilhelm Gustloff, their only chance of prolonged survival.The book is told from four points of view, starting out as completely different viewpoints but later coming together as they travel as a group towards Gotenhafen. Each has their own dark secret the others are unaware of.
My favourite character is Florian, the Prussian. At first he trusts no one, and though he is severely injured, he carries on towards his goal like a soldier.
I find Florian the most relatable character for me, as though he is like a wolf, cold and solitary he has a strong sense of justice and protects the weak.
I would recommend this book to any capable reader: it is brilliantly written and has a strong storyline that is historically correct. Unfortunately, those who have studied maritime history will have spoilers towards the end, however this does nothing to impair the enjoyment of the story. As you read, you start to really care about the characters, and worry about their fate. 5 stars.

Posted on: 3rd May 2017 at 12:17 pm

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