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Emily, Books with Biscuits

The Stars at Oktober Bend

The story is loosely based around 15 year old Alice, however after an event she dubbed the ‘twelveness’ she is mentally 12 forever. At some parts of the story it is told from the point of Manny, her lover from afar, personally I was a little disappointed when I heard of a love affair however at most about 5% of the story is about their love the rest is about overcoming the ‘twelveness’ and finding her figurative voice in which she uses through her art…writing! Another thing I can’t leave unsaid is the fact that it is first person, this give Alice and Manny, two people who are generally frowned upon in society, a voice and therefore they're heard! This tale is touching and you can feel the eager frustration of Alice as she tries to block out the awfulness of her life with her grandma dying,her brother trapped, her grandpa in prison, her mother gone and her father dead! I definitely recommend this and am dedicated enough to call this my favourite book so far!

Posted on: 3rd May 2017 at 01:13 pm

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