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Jamie, Chobham Academy Book Group


I enjoyed the book because Pete liked to tidy up but then he tidied up too much so then he made the forest not the forest any more. The thing that was upsetting to me is when the other animals had no food to eat and had no where to sleep.
I liked when Pete was cleaning all the animals and hoovering the forest. Every leaf that fell down, he was right there to pick it up. He was happy that he still tidied up but all the other animals didn't like it but Pete didn't look after the others - he dug up all the trees. Then there was a flood which was sad because he sat in a boat on his own and I'm wondering there the other animals are in the flood. Why didn't Pete leave the mud after the flood because then the plants could grow and become the forest again?
I hated the part where he put the diggers and mixers to make the forest GONE! Pete was happy that there is nothing : no mess , no mud , no leaves and no trees but he was hungry but his house was under ground!!
He sleeps in the mixer which was sad but the moon was like a spotlight like being ashamed then he broke up all the concrete and he made the forest normal which was happy. I LIKE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!

Posted on: 3rd May 2017 at 01:16 pm

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