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Katie, Sir John's Shadowers

Salt to the Sea

Salt to the Sea is a beautiful book, narrated by 4 teenagers experiencing life after Germany's defeat in World War 2. Each narrator has a secret that is revealed over the course of the book, making it a mysterious novel full of twists and turns. At first I thought I was going to find it difficult, as some of the narratives weren't immediately intriguing, but as you begin to empathise with each character (or maybe not in some cases!), you understand what they're running to and from.

Fear, guilt, shame and fate hunt these four people - will any escape?

I love this book because it never ceases to intrigue, shock and - in some cases - reduce you to tears. Although it was so dramatic and eventful, the pace was so spot-on that no section felt rushed. Even in moments of chaos, details were explained and opinions were formed. Yes, the characters changed drastically in these particular scenes, but we don't lose or forget their original attributes or characteristics. In fact, in the final few chapters of the book, all of their true selves are fully revealed and exposed, and we can finally connect their pasts to their present to their futures.

I would recommend this book to age 12 and above, as some themes are incredibly upsetting.

Posted on: 3rd May 2017 at 07:51 pm

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