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Anila, King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls

Salt to the Sea

Salt to the Sea is en emotionally powerful book written by Ruta Septeys. Set during 1945, the time of the second world war, the book revolves around the lives of four people: Joanna, Florian, Emilia and Alfred. Each of them hunted by a different things- fate, guilt, shame and fear.They all are forced to board a crowded ship (for individual reasons). The journey they experience is one of self-discovery, as they discover something they all lost.
Personally, I loved this book, it was a pleasure to read, despite having one book left to read, there is no doubt that this book so far is number one for me. Ruta Septeys is a brilliant writer, she keeps us on the edge of our seats with such a gripping tale. By hiding secrets she refuses to reveal everything all at once keeping us in suspense throughout the book.
Overall, I would say this book 100% has to be read, however note the age recommendation as some mature themes are mentioned within the book. Other than that, anyone who enjoys a good adventure book, will certainly enjoy this. I can tell you that this is definitely going on my list of 'worthwhile reads' so be sure to read it!

Posted on: 4th May 2017 at 07:40 am

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