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Pietro, Chobham Academy Book Group

The Journey

The journey is a beautiful book made by Francesca Sanna. The book full of stunning pieces of artwork that really makes you think. The colours decided may seem like just a small addition but every single layer of detail or colour means something. For example at the start of the book the sea is black it may seem like a simple mistake but black is a colour that means word such as: sadness, chaos, and destruction. If you compare these words with war you will see it is linked and if you looked at the colour of the sea before turning the page you would have understood that something bad was about to happen.
The book is about a family that live in a city near the sea. But once the war starts its terrible consequences are very clear to the author as sadly the dad dies. As it is rare that their mum are scared the children are even more scared. After this the mum finds a place for the family to stay, a safe place. But the more they travel the more they can’t bring and this shows just how hard a life as a refugee is. Once they reach a border two guards don’t let the family pass. Some time later a dark man helps them get over the wall in exchange for money. After this the family have to travel with a crowded boat on the sea. Once they arrive they have to go on a train to get to this safe place.
I think that this book is an amazing book to get people to have an open mind towards refugees. I think this book has illustrations so good that it wouldn’t even need words as the pictures alone are a story.
I think everyone should read such a book as it helps you learn about refugees. I give this brilliant book a 10/10.

Posted on: 4th May 2017 at 09:27 am

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