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Mrs G, UAH - Hooked On Books

The Stars at Oktober Bend

It took me several chapters to get into the way the book is written; working in a school I am always reminding students to use capital letters at the start of every sentence so I found it hard to focus on what was being said. However, I was able to get past this and very quickly realised that this style suited the character of Alice for obvious reasons.

'The Stars at Oktober Bend' is a very touching story that focuses on the life of the Nightingale family after a tragic attack on Alice. Written from her perspective, it is an interesting insight into her world and the struggles she faces every day with her 'crazy electrics'. Alice's coping mechanism of poetry shows a very talented young lady stuck in 'twelveness' which leads to her meeting Manny. Manny too has his issues, and the bond between them allows them both to finally accept who they are.

I really enjoyed reading this book as events are implied and not directly expressed - this has you wanting to read on and find out more!

Posted on: 4th May 2017 at 09:33 am

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