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Edward, Larkmead Secondary School

Salt to the Sea

There it is!!"
"Just a bit further!"
"Come on run!"
These are the calls of four lost stories, four hopeful, desperate news breaking survival stories, four DREAMS.

Salt to the Sea is the following of four human heroes by the name of Florian, Emilia, Joana and Alfred. Everyone has a different story. Emilia is a mid-pregnant who is a proud member of Polish society unfortunate for her though Hitler has different ideas of pride and believes all Polish people need to leave the country, in a bad way. Joana is from Lithuania but luckily for her she has permission to live in the German land. Florian comes from East Prussia and Alfred is based in Germany as well. Only one thing can produce freedom and it’s in the form of a boat. All four groups have a mission to reach a boat which is sailing to Kiel which is their only means of survival. However, the catch is it’s been raided by Russian Torpedoes, will they all survive? Will their stories be found?
I believe this book was rather interesting as it gave an overview of what war was like, experiencing the adrenaline a human has when knowing their country has been taken over by the most powerful legion this world has seen. The overall book was confusing at first because every new page was another piece of a person’s story, however, each piece was for four different people who all have the same objective. I liked how each person was with a group which showed they were all helping each other to survive and were subsequently giving up their lives for others. If I were to re-write this book I would make each piece longer than a page though as it is quite hard to keep up with where that person left off. If I were to recommend it to someone I would say only read this book if you are a lover of books like The Maze Runner or Hunger Games. I would say only 13+ can read this book as it has sexual references.
A decent book and worth reading!

Posted on: 4th May 2017 at 01:46 pm

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