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John, The LAT Readers!!


(Chapters 1-3)

As the story begins you get a good idea of who the protagonist, Zen Starling, is like as a person. A lower-class, citizen who does petty thieving to provide for his mother and older sister, Myka. He's not a incredible mastermind or street delinquent; he only chooses this lifestyle because he feels he has to (or at least in some way, for the most part he just enjoyed the train trips that took him to point A to point B.)

Life starts changing for Zen after stealing a necklace from a goldsmith. A drone and a girl whose identity is hidden by a red coat, pursue him. He manages to escape from them by getting on a train that travels through K-gates, or so he thinks (to simplify, they reach one planet from another in an instant). This particular scene introduces you to the world Zen lives in. It brings a sense of mystery and made me quite curious how and where the story would proceed with this information.

With an understandable amount of paranoia, Zen dropped himself off at his hometown, Cleave. The town was a shabby mess, and shows us as readers how and where Zen lives his life. It also shows us who buys Zen's stolen goods: a sentient being composed of a colony of insects; a genderless hive monk who goes by the name of 'Uncle Bugs'. Zen sells the necklace to hive monk, and makes his way back home, not knowing the drone and girl in red are still on his tracks.

Zen arrives at his home, and finds that his sister is not happy with him. His mother (who seems to have anxiety of some sort) claims that someone is outside watching them. Zen, who was about to disprove her, finds that the girl in the red coat is outside the window. After Myka argues with some unseen people at the apartment door. Zen takes this opportunity to escape through the window.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I've read through chapters 1-8 and I already have some lingering questions.
'What do people like Malik and Raven want with Zen?' The characters introduced have a bit of mystery to themselves as well. I'm quite interested to how Nova will develop in this story, simply due to the fact SHE was the girl in the red coat.

Posted on: 4th May 2017 at 02:29 pm

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