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Heidi, St Augustines Catholic College

The Bone Sparrow

"To those who refuse to be blinded by the glare, or deafened by the hush, who are brave enough to question, and curious enough to explore. To those who will not forget. You will make a difference. And to the rest of us, so that we may learn how."
The Bone Sparrow is a simple page turner which picks the true reality of a child's life in a refugee camp. It made me question as to why children are going through this. People my age and younger living a harsh life but really only trying to escape the harshness of what they left behind. Tears were brought to my eyes as I struggled to think that people today, in our world, are being forced to live like this.
I loved this book because I found it really easy to connect with each character. The constant news nowadays on refuges enlightened me on what really goes on. It was like an emotions roller coaster, thrilling but also scary. Surprises but also a sense of expectation. Each page brought a new chapter and a Feeling of hope, which almost seems false.
The author has made such a complicated story turn into a simple page turner. This book is worth the Carnergie medal and it has been my favourite so far.

Posted on: 4th May 2017 at 02:49 pm

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