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Jac McNulty, North Huddersfield Trust School

Salt to the Sea

I'm enjoying this book so far, and I'm surprised because I selected it as the book I least wanted to read. I like the fact that it is narrated by four very different characters and I am really interested to find out what will happen when they are all aboard the Wilhelm Gustloff. I'm also a bit worried that all of the characters may die as the blurb says that the ship was real and one involved in one of the worst maritime disasters ever!
My favourite character so far is Joana - she is a strong, caring woman although I still don't know what her secret is and maybe my point of view will change then? I find Alfred quite an annoying character, but I also feel a bit sorry for him, because he's basically a coward and doesn't want to appear as such to his love interest, Hannelore.
I'm glad that the first book that I have picked to read is not what I expected and I'll post another review when I've finished!

Posted on: 28th March 2017 at 11:44 am

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