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Ethan , Minsthorpe Book Buzz


Beck was partly written by Mal Peet, but after his death last year, Meg Rosoff took over and published it in October. At first, this book felt slow, the language took some time to get used to, the description was VERY detailed and had a slow pace. But the more I read, the more interesting it became.
Beck follows a young boy on his journey from Liverpool, to an orphanage in Canada, to bootlegging, and even more. We see Beck's struggle to find himself multiple times, this conflict is shown very well throughout. However, after part three finished, I noticed that the writing style seemed to changed drastically, and it was at that point that I realised this change in the very detailed style and tone could be from the passing of Mal Peet and the change to Meg Rosoff. This writing was evidently not as good as that of Peet's and it really took me out of the experience and I didn't enjoy the last part of the book as the first parts.
Overall though, the book was thoroughly enjoyable and if I had more time, I would probably have taken my time to finish it to get that event experience.

Posted on: 4th May 2017 at 03:25 pm

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