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Christopher, Chobham Academy Book Group


"Really good book,I'm obsessed" - Ben White
"Not yet read, but I want to read it ASAP" -ADMIN Jack Kenyon
The are two of the many great praises 'Railhead' gets from the Minsthorpe Book Buzz, but why is it so well received?

Railhead is a Sci-fi book (written by Philip Reeve) that follows the adventure of Zen Starling a young and slender thief who realises he's more than what meets the eye. After a strange figure in a red coat approaches him and sends him on a mission his entire history begins to unfold.
Questions such as:
Who is he?
Who is the figure in the red coat?
What is his mission?
Are sure to be answered but first you require this Book, The light you'll need to search through all the vast amount of questions many leave unanswered.

Are you Ready to take the plunge?

Well get 'Railhead' I guarantee you that nothing but pure satisfaction when reading this book.

Posted on: 4th May 2017 at 03:55 pm

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