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Eliana , Chobham Academy Book Group

Wolf Hollow

My opinion of this truly fine piece of work is that the story starts off

with and an amazing first sentence “The year I turned 12 I learned how to lie.” I especially love this quotes from the book because it makes the

reader feel suspicion and gives a sense of mystery which almost brings

the story to life. I was impressed how the author handled this delicate subject and enjoyed the descriptive writing just as much. My concern

with the book was the protagonist Anabelle which I thought was done

very poorly because it took away all the thrills of the story. She is

very passive which I hugely dislike and the other character which

I thought was too was Toby. I think the book would

hugely benefit from the eyes of Toby, not Anabelle. This is because

Toby is so much more interesting and more mysterious than Annabelle.

This book definitely had a mental effect on me than an emotional one

because the book did make me wonder how much lying leads to death

and accidents also how it impacted on people’s lives.

This is a story of how people's past experiences can change then in a

dangerous ways and because of this experience problem will arise In the worst ways. The story begins in old farm set in the beginning of

ww2 which I believed was the best setting for this story since it hits you

mentally not so much emotionally. What I mean by this is the story has a lot

of the scene where death is the main story. Also, it really hit you

mentally when you discover how much the characters are able to lie just to

get out trouble or prove a point. The author did such a good job in

making this point.

The novelist did an outstanding piece work with this book. I was overwhelmed how she handled

the idea of lying and incorporated an accidental murder in this story. It was told beautifully.
Overall the book was perfectly written but the characters

should have been more thorough, but tells a beautiful story. 3/5

Posted on: 4th May 2017 at 06:48 pm

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