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Olivia, Chobham Academy Book Group


I have not finished reading Beck yet but what I have read has been fabulously written.The auther has written it in such a way that I did not want to stop reading it.
The plot so far shows how the world used to be so racist and not really look after orphans and it made me think just how much the world has changed.
The thing that stands out to me as being the best thing so far about Beck is the description, it is written so that the reader can have a very clear image of what is described making it more interesting but in some cases shocking. My favourite line of description is 'the chickens gargled and strutted,gingerly lowering their feet as if they might scorch' because this is such a brilliant and accurate way to describe the way in which chickens walk.
The first chapters describes a journey by boat of a young boy called Beck.
He is the son of a prostitute and has dark skin meaning he is not treated equally and is an outcast. He is shipped of to Canada along with other orphans and then is taken to a place run by monks where he stays for a few months before being sent to work for a family.
During his time with the monks he thinks he has finally found happiness but hints in the description warn the reader something is not right and then we see what it is, when he is invited into the bath with Brother Robert. He refuses but then is persuaded by him, but he refused to do what is asked of him and rebels by smashing a soap dish into his head.
Then he is locked down stairs, beaten and raped and then sent of to a farm family who treat him badly and make him feel unwanted and thats as far as I have read.
I would strongly recommend this book as it is brilliantly written and even from just the first few chapters this book had me hooked.

Posted on: 4th May 2017 at 09:31 pm

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