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Khadija I., Plashet School


The book is well constructed in regards to the flow of the plot and how well thought out it was. The events were sometimes shocking and gruesome but the author managed to write them with a sense of control. The ending was not what I had hoped for but it wasn't surprising.

There was one main character who we were following and we saw how he was crafted over a long space of time. His circumstances were what shaped him and his reaction to them was convincing and believable. We also saw him become a well rounded individual and his flaws and mistakes were present throughout which made him an altogether better written character. There was a range of other characters in the book and they were all mentioned according to their impact and significance in Beck's life. We find out about them as Beck does and through his eyes, which only gives us a biased view of them as they are written with Beck's experiences reflected upon them. As readers we are constantly inferring the thoughts and feelings of the other characters as they are never mentioned and there was no development.

The style of narrative was partially successful as it told the story in an interesting and appropriate way. However, as a reader I didn't feel that it fully immersed me into the story. I felt impartial therefore apathetic at times. This may have been the writers' intention but I feel that in first person the reader would find it so much easier to follow the story. The use of language did work successfully to create mood and atmosphere through specific uses of verbs, adjectives and sentence structure.

The only factual information that was present was vague descriptions of society at the time. The views and ideas of people in the book regarding race, religion and class were typical of people at the time.

Posted on: 5th May 2017 at 11:59 am

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