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Giovanna, What Cool Books @WCB Library

Salt to the Sea

This is a very gripping book that tells us the story of European refugees, fleeing Hitler’s brutal regime and a ruthless war. They travel day and night, fighting for survival; during an unflinching winter that threatens to rip their life from them. Joana, a Lithuanian refugee who is the closest thing to a doctor that the others have the luxury of having available, deals with the unshakeable guilt of putting her family in danger by contacting them one last time before leaving. Emilia, a little Polish girl who was sent away by her family who hoped she could survive far from their rapidly sinking country, is the sunshine of the group, who nobody suspects of carrying a horrific burden on her shoulders. Florian, a Prussian, is mysterious and unpredictable. Will he lead others to safety or will he exploit them, you ask. And where does the psychotic sailor Alfred fit in? This unputdownable novel will lead into the story of the biggest naval disaster of all times, and how it brought together people with love, and how it tore apart others with cynicism. I think it will appeal to fans of historical fiction. It deserves to be on the shortlist and should win because of its interesting plot, examination of hidden history and well-drawn cast of characters who create suspense.

Posted on: 5th May 2017 at 01:32 pm

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