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Maria, Latymer Prep


The book follows a badger called Pete, but this is no ordinary badger. This is the badger who can’t control how tidy he thinks the forest should be. It starts by giving us an idea of how in control Pete thinks he has to be. He tidied the flower patches, grooms the fox and cleans the birds, one at a time. He even vacuums the forest floor and polishes rocks!
The real story begins when a leaf falls from a tree and they all fall off the tree. Pete tidied all the leaf into bin bags, but all the tree looked horrific. So Pete dug up all the trees. The forest was flooded so when it dried out everything was mud! He decided to concrete the forest floor. He thought he should have a nibble so he went home. But he couldn’t. He had concreted the floor! The only thing to sleep in for Pete was a mixer! He realised what he had done and he set about fixing his mistake he smashed the concrete, planted new tree and let everyone be a messy as they want.
The story is overall touching, teaches a lesson, and reminds people to think about others and not always just themselves. I think children we especially like this book for its lovable character and its rhythm. I rate it 9/10 and the books age group should be 5-8.

Posted on: 5th May 2017 at 01:41 pm

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