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Izzy, Latymer Prep


This book is about a badger who likes everything he sees to be tidy and in this book it describes how he wanted to tidy up the whole forest. Soon after tidying the whole forest and replacing the floor with concrete he realised the forest was better how it was before and with the help of other animals, the badger managed to put the old and untidy but happy forest back to its original form.
The illustrations of this book I found fascinating, whether the illustrations covered the whole background or not, every tiny detail of every single picture was shaded, clear and blended in well with the setting around it, I think the illustrator did the backgrounds especially well as it was one of the main points of the story. How they drew the animals I thought was incredible, they did the fur beautifully, all the movement was similar to ones of the animal, the expressions where dazzling and the feeling of the story was really put in place with every falling leaf, tree, forest animal and background object. This book must have taken a VERY long time.
I think the text was very clear with the simple white backgrounds and I love how all of this was constructed so perfectly. Even though none of the pictures where metaphorical or were presented in witty ways, I think this is just fine as it is, also I am loving the layered cover!
I would recommend this book to 3 – 9 year olds as this book does have an interesting fun art style that a younger audience would enjoy. This book wouldn’t be very good for an older audience as it is a bit childish, unrealistic and lacks texts but the illustrations are stunning! I would probably buy this book if I ever came across it in a store.

Posted on: 5th May 2017 at 01:51 pm

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