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Olly, Chiswick School


Railhead is about a young boy called Zen Starling who steals objects and sells them for money to feed himself and his family. However one day he met a girl in a red jacket who follows him and tells him weird things about her employer who then gives him a very shady job to do which he will not explain. Railhead is mostly a book about Zen Starling trying to find out who he is, this is possibly one of my very favourite books in Carnegie just because of how thrilling it is hearing about him on his adventures, what also caught my attention was the fact that the reader builds up everything to a very engaging end of the story that not only summarises the book but also ties any loose ends that were left on his adventures.
Ok I may have not written as much as my other reviews but today without a doubt this is a book that can win Carnegie hands down, there I said it I've predicted the future. If I were to rate this book I would possibly say that I would give it a solid 10/10! in my opinion this book is very engaging and has everything a sci-fi lover like me would want. A MUST READ!!!

Posted on: 5th May 2017 at 06:18 pm

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