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Kate, Thorpe St Andrew School - Page Turners Reading Group


Personally, I found this book a difficult one to get to grips with. The subject matter itself is blatantly an exceedingly difficult topic for a vast amount of people to deal with - me included. Most of what I could read myself was hard hitting, I struggled greatly to read what I did due to the very inescapable realisation of how this could very easily have been an actual life that someone had to survive through. I really couldn't cope with the very direct prejudice and discrimination that was ultimately a quite central theme in the parts that I did read. In my opinion I wouldn't recommend it to anyone under 16 due to the sensitive material that may impact on a younger reader greatly. I can't fault the writing however, the tone of which the book was written in suited it and matched the general atmosphere of the book, the description - although not to my personal tastes - was well done and despite my inability to finish the story I would recommend it to an older audience. I will for sure be returning to it, with perhaps a different mindset, in the future.

Posted on: 5th May 2017 at 06:36 pm

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