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Ava, QGJS Greenaway Bookworms


I quite enjoyed 'Tidy' and I found that the illustrations worked very well with the text. I think the topic is an interesting one, about how nothing is perfect. It could also be emphasizing how small people can do big things, good and bad. I think that the artistic style worked very well with the story, and that the layout of the pages was not distracting. Readers can interpret this book in one of two ways: a children's book with a happy ending, or a book for all ages, with something to discover for everyone. I noticed that when Pete started getting carried away with his tidying, it was winter and when he realized he was wrong and he started rebuilding his home, by the time he was finished it was spring, which in a way is pathetic fallacy.

Posted on: 6th May 2017 at 01:41 pm

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