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Alexandra , St Augustines Catholic College

The Bone Sparrow

Beautiful. That is one word that I believe sums up the book for me. Although, there was an occasional moment of sadness the book was written in a beautiful way showing the opinions of a small boy who doesn't even know what the world outside the barbed wire fences looks like. Subhi (DAR-1) is a small boy raised in a world of hunger, sadness and despair by his mother and sister. One thing I find very touching from this book is that the lives these characters are living is the lives of some people around the world today. It I easy for us to read this book and think that it is just imaginary and go back to living our lives in luxury (compared to Subhi's)however these sort of things are happening right now and there are people in these situations. I'll finish with a quote from chapter 33 and to anyone who has not already read this book, you should.

"Outside the tent, the stars are the brightest they've ever been. Thousands of them, lighting up the world. All the creatures in the Night Sea are lined up outside, their heads popping out of the water. Like they've been waiting for me a long time."

Posted on: 6th May 2017 at 05:19 pm

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