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Nicole, St Augustines Catholic College

The Bone Sparrow

In 2016, the refuge crisis has plummeted up, due to conflict increasing around the world. Zane Fraillon decided to write the book "The Bone Sparrow" to relate to adults, and teens in the 21st century. However, after eagerly flipping through the first chapters of her book, I started to question if the storyline was truly relatable to the readers she had attempted to captivate. The first page was the perfect start to what I thought was going to be an original plot. Fraillon has a faultless, original style of writing, which truly made me feel as if I was a Rohingya refuge, dumped on a Barron camp. In today's society, we are told through the news, and media about the horrific refuge crises, and how we can prevent them from happening. The first countries that come into our minds when picturing dramatic, unfortunate images of crying children, hunger, poverty are usually Syria, Afganistan or Iraq. However, it was difficult to understand that Subdi, and his family were in fact staying in an Australian camp, located in Burma. As the book unfolds, it becomes clear that the curious boy is desperate for a better future, and is willing to find out what lays behind the twisted, barbed wire surrounding him. Shortly after this becomes apparent, I am introduced to a character named Jimmie, who in her own way, is searching for freedom too. Subdi believes that stories are more than important: they are vital. We need them to help our imagination blossom. And Subhi, at only ten years old, is the wisest person in "The Bone Sparrow" as he has a positive mentality, which pushes him to explore what lies behind the iron fence.
Although this was a challenging read, this story has a clear moral. This is a story that will inspire you to do better, not to give up in defeat. I would recommend this book to people who love searching for clues in twisted, engaging, relatable stories. The start of the book made me feel something. It made me feel grateful for being part of a safe community, for having compassionate friends, for having the beautiful gift of freedom. Nowadays, it may become difficult for us to relate to real life scenarios, which unfortunately take place every hour, every minute, every second of our lives. By arranging heart breaking events into a modern novel, the reader feels a real sense of gratitude and realisation, when reaching the end of the book. A heart-warming story of unity, trust and friendship.

Posted on: 6th May 2017 at 11:57 pm

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