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Wolf Hollow

Set in the peaceful countryside of western Pennsylvania, this riveting tale is of a young girl's friendship with a mysterious but gentle man.

Annabelle lives on her family farm with her mother and father; two younger brothers (Henry, 9 and James, 7)  and Aunt Lily in western Pennsylvania after the second world war. She longs for change and excitement, which is exactly what she gets.

After Annabelle's bully - Betty Glengarry, a “city girl” who recently moved to Wolf Hollow - goes missing, both villagers and people who came from towns where the news of Betty's misfortune spread came to her aid. All the suspicion seems to land on Toby, a man who wanders their hills and lives in an old smokehouse. The manhunt for Betty leads to another hunt for Toby. However, this hunt is one driven by anger, tears and the thirst for revenge rather than fear of loss and concern that motivated Betty's rescue mission.

Conflicted between telling the truth and revealing fatal secrets, Annabelle works to save both her friend and her enemy.

Her story is told by Lauren Wolk, whose mother and father were raised in western Pennsylvania. Her mother's life on a farm became Wolk's inspiration for Annabelle's home. Wolk graduated with a degree in English literature from Brown university in 1981. She worked as a writer, editor and English teacher and has been the Associate Director of the Cultural Center of Cape Cod in Yarmouth, Massachusetts since 2007.

Wolf Hollow is a story of innocence and experience as well as friendship and enmity and unchangeable change.

Posted on: 7th May 2017 at 04:25 am

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