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Salma, King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls


Although I enjoyed ‘Railhead’, I would not say that it has been my favourite so far- the futuristic universe was difficult to get my head around until I found the ‘glossary’ at the back explaining all the concepts that I struggled to understand. The book is mainly written in third person, from the perspective of Zen Starling, a young thief who finds himself in a completely different world because of an enigmatic girl in a red raincoat. He, like us, expresses wonder and awe at the trains that transport people from planet to planet, thus being called multiple times in the book ‘railhead’, so we learn about the history of the trains with him throughout the book, which aids us to understand the setting of the book. I feel that this book is aimed at a slightly younger age group than others on the shortlist such as ‘The Bone Sparrow’ and ‘The Stars at Oktober Bend’, but it has some interesting ideas about morals and what it means to be human in a world full of artificial intelligence.

Posted on: 7th May 2017 at 01:24 pm

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