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Meg, Larkmead Secondary School


Over these past few days I have been reading the book Railhead by Philip Reeve. In my opinion this could possibly be the worst book that I have ever read as it has an unusual and a very confusing story line. After I had read the first chapter I was very confused as most of the words were made up and weird space terms. I was then looking through the book and noticed a glossary which made me very frustrated as it was multiple pages long. I could maybe see how this would appeal to sci-fi fans.

I think it could be a good book as long as it doesn't have all the made up words, it's not that they're hard to read but you have to constantly flip to the back of the book to find words.

The title and side of the book looks amazing, and makes you want to read it but looks can be very deceiving as I found out.

Overall I think this is the worst and most confusing book I have ever read I think other people may like it but its not my choice of book at all.

Posted on: 28th March 2017 at 04:07 pm

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