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Gladys, Malbank

The Stars at Oktober Bend

The book, the Stars at Oktober Bend, by Glenda Millard was an intriguing story, willing you to read on. It had a plot that made you want to keep reading and find out what had happened to this family in the past.

The characters in the story were mysterious and unraveled their stories slowly but cleverly, in a way that was not too slow that it made you want to put the book down. My favorite character in this book was Alice, a girl whose life changed on her twelfth birthday, when she would forever be stuck in twelvness. She also describes herself as having circuits, and being like a robot; this is one of the factors that makes you want to read on.

The style was interesting, with the author dropping poems throughout the book. The poems worked as they put meaning into the girl's disjointed speech, that started as clear thought, while also linking it to the story of Alice dotting poems around the place that she lived. Another thing that the author did was to put the sections from Alice's point of view without any capital letters; this gives even more of a hint to the fact that something has happened to her in the past to damage her brain.

I would definitely recommend this book to a friend or fellow student, as it has a gripping plot and a good story line. I would rate this 9 out of 10.

Posted on: 8th May 2017 at 10:34 am

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