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Daisy, Sir John's Shadowers

Wolf Hollow

Wolf Hollow is a book that I would definitely recommend to older readers. It is set in World War II and it's about a young girl, Annabelle, who has some very unpleasant encounters with 'cruel, manipulative Betty' who is, in Annabelle's eyes, a disastrous bully. However, this all stops when Betty goes missing and everyone suspects that Toby, Annabelle's family friend who lives in isolation, is the reason why. Annabelle has to defend him and hide him away before it's too late.
This book does involve some moderately sad events towards the end, so I wouldn't necessarily recommend to younger readers. However,it is a book I would very much persuade others around my age group to read. It also includes a taste of what life would be like away in the countryside in World War II, so it's somewhat educational. In addition to this, you can experience how people at the time solved serious crime scenes and how it compares to now.
Overall, Wolf Hollow was a fantastic read and I personally read it in a matter of days!

Posted on: 8th May 2017 at 11:37 am

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