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Lizzie, Chobham Academy Book Group


I adored this book. I found the characters were fully-fledged and the world used to it's full potential.

The plot is filled with many twists and turns, you never quite know who is right and who is wrong which in a way reflects how humans behave- even if not all the characters are in fact human.

I like how it showed humanity- how the Guardians who act as a God are still scared of being destroyed and how a human can become a God-like creature. I loved how Flex had a character arch on how he reacts to the Noons.

The Noon's were amazing because Threnody Noon didn't want to be the person she was but just wanted to do good.

I loved how Flex was very quick-minded, only fighting for him/herself and only really trusting Nova. I feel that the faults Philip Reeve gave the characters made them feel a lot more realistic, it wasn't even just Flex and Nova that had their faults as main characters but everyone had the good points and bad points even if they were only in a few chapters like Kobe.

I just really loved this book.

Posted on: 28th March 2017 at 06:44 pm

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