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Izzy, Northampton Academy

Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth

In Sputnik’s Guide to life on Earth a boy named Prez and an alien named Sputnik attempt to save the world from being shrunk by trying to find a list of 10 worth doing on Earth.
Prez has grown up with his Grandad but he starts to become forgetful so Prez is taken out of his custody and to the Temporary. He goes to live with a temporary foster family on a farm for the summer and this is where he comes across Sputnik. To everyone else, Sputnik looks like a dog and only Prez sees him as a person. Sputnik can also communicate with Prez by reading his thoughts. The pair go on many adventures throughout the book and Sputnik seems to have lots of knowledge about how things work and changes the laws of physics. His motto seemed to be, ‘read the manual’ and use the instructions to modify things (sometimes not for the best.) It is set in Scotland.
I found this book to be quite an easy read and I finished it quickly. I didn’t like the style of book because nothing seemed realistic or logical. I think the author could have included more descriptions. The character of Prez developed throughout the book and I liked how Sputnik helped him do this. I think that it would be enjoyable for younger readers and it is a very original idea.

Posted on: 28th March 2017 at 09:33 pm

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