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Paris Knight-gould, The book of secrets

Wolf Hollow

The book was interesting, heart-breaking, heart-warming and dark in the best ways. It combined the war and simple farmers and made me feel sorry for every unfortunate soul. The book in the beginning I found a little uninteresting but the book began to take a dark turn the really made me want to read on. Things happened that shook me especially the quail incident but I cannot believe how cruel yet child-like the author made Betty to be. I could relate to most of the characters especially Annabelle who seemed like the girl that would do anything to protect the ones she holds close. It was easy to read and I loved every page within it. I seriously could not believe the ending but I guess it turned out for the better eventually for everyone. With Toby gone people could relax although the way Lauren Wolk described Annabelle's reaction got to me, anyone who ever lost somebody could relate deeply. I loved this book and every page in it. The only thing I would say that was bad was that the beginning felt like it took forever to read and honestly it was a little boring however the rest of the book made up for it

Posted on: 8th May 2017 at 01:58 pm

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