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Millie Pratley, Cokethorpe School

The Stars at Oktober Bend

If I had to describe 'The Stars at Oktober Bend' by Glenda Millard in just one word, I would probably have to say 'different'. Though very confusing at times, the story was still beautiful and enjoyable. This book often made me feel several emotions all at once, making it quite special.

What really caught my attention about this book was the fact that Alice Nightingale was not your typical book protagonist. As a result of a brain injury, her words are slow and slurred. I thought that it was good to include this difference, as it shows that you don't have to be strong, able or intelligent to be a hero. Glenda Millard made Alice's character seem really believable by writing her parts of the story without capital letters and no punctuation. Though it took me a while to read it this way, and it often perplexed me, I still thought that it was an excellent detail to add in. Overall, this book is beautifully written and is now one of my favourite books.

Something that also made this book appeal to me was that the points of view only changed sometimes, and even when they did change, the text was different. This prevented me from forgetting who it was talking about, every five seconds! The characters were also memorable and lovable; Alice Nightingale is so brilliantly written about that I will definitely never forget her.

However, I did find myself losing the plot at some points in the story. This was only at the start, when I was still learning how to read the broken English. I soon caught on, so this doesn't stop me from liking the book a lot. The 'lists' of broken sentences were also confusing at times; I didn't really like how they would just be there in the text randomly. Yet again, I did get used to them after the first few chapters.

I definitely recommend this book to everyone, as it offers an opportunity to read something different to normal pieces of fiction. I'm no author, but I have to say, this book is a true work of art. It is well thought out and beautifully crafted. I demand that you experience this book's magnificence for yourself, as it really is wonderful.

Posted on: 29th March 2017 at 07:49 am

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