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Max, The Hewett Academy Norwich

The Journey

The Journey was an incredible book to read as a group. It has so much hidden meaning and the finest detail. So many intricate features for example, the birds in the sky to
the hidden meanings of dark water and looming trees. The expression put into this exemplary book was mind blowing and a pleasure to read.

The theme of this story is about the migration and/or relocation of a family from a country such as Syria or Iraq to a safer place such as the UK or France to eventually be accepted into society. This book includes the journey they undertook, from the very start when times were happy to attempting to cross the border, to eventually reaching their end goal of making it into England or some place similar.

I would recommend this book to 6 - 13 year old children or students due to some moderately complicated language and hidden meaning and references to war or other issues, potentially not suitable for young children.

Posted on: 8th May 2017 at 02:44 pm

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